Welcome to Teacher Outfit Ideas. I teach high school English in the suburbs of Atlanta. I've always loved color, but I'm a newcomer to fashion. Recently, I've been really inspired by some fashion bloggers and Instagrammers-- the way fashion can be like a composition, adding to the tone of any day.

This is a place for me to brainstorm outfit ideas for teaching. The shoes are mostly comfortable (I know you're on your feet all day, too), the outfits are mostly modest and professional, and above all, full outfits are geared toward ladies and maybe sometimes gents on a budget. These links are affiliate links, so if you buy, I make a few cents. This helps keep me motivated to keep building looks. Let me know if you have ideas for more outfits!

I may get off task now and then and write about books, teaching fashion (as in methodology: voice and choice, anyone?), travel, or food. I hope to connect with the community of really cool teachers who are already changing the face of teacher fashion.

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