Sunday, July 29, 2018

Open House Outfit - Back to School for Teachers

How is your back-to-school open house structured?

 Is it more like a meet and mingle where parents wander around and shake hands and say hi?

 Is it more structured where parents follow their child's schedule and are finished after the bell rings a certain number of times?

 Does it begin with an assembly with the principal or counseling staff or end with one?

 I haven't attended one of these as a parent myself yet, but I feel like most parents hear the same thing over and over from teachers. If I have 10-minutes, my favorite thing to do is to start with a warm-up like the students would do and then run through a 5-point FAQ slide deck. I make sure to have a supplies list on hand because that's always a request. Here's my supply list (three per page). Feel free to use or make a copy and modify for your own open house.

 I can't believe these are on the horizon already! Here's an affordable outfit inspired by thoughts of open houses. The dress is $15 today. I love the "hello" bag! The astronaut pen would be a splurge, and honestly, I'd be afraid I'd lose it, but fun! The notebook says "rocket scientist" on the front.

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