Monday, August 13, 2018

10 Bracelets-Casual Teacher Look

It's so cool to me how clothing--especially jewelery can strike a deep chord with our spirits. We give jewelery in wedding ceremonies, friendship bracelets to friends, championship rings to sports heroes. We pass it down from generation to generation, use it during prayer and blessing ceremonies, and in some cases, consider it treasure. I worked with a friend at Starbucks once who used to twist his favorite ring during stressful moments as a reminder that it's "just coffee." It's beautiful when style reaches beyond the asthetic and becomes something that reminds you of a deeper truth in your life. Something about this stack of 10, bright bracelets is tugging at me. I like the way each bracelet is different, yet vibrant on its own. I like the idea of having plenty of bracelets ready to give right from my wrist. We'll see where these bracelets take me!

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