Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Little Fires - Good Books

If you're an English teacher, you're used to vetting books for use in the classroom, but sometimes, it's good to find a book to read just for you. So, here are my Thursday Three: one I love, one I'm in the middle of, and one I want to read.

The book that inspired this outfit gives me the same feel as Big Little Lies. If you like interesting, strong, yet flawed female characters in a twisty mystery, give this one a try. It's still in hardback, so I've been listening to the audiobook while inching through Atlanta traffic. I'm so happy palazzo pants are around because they're as comfortable as pajamas, aren't they?

If you connect with the classic comic, sassy humor of Miss Maxine and you haven't read it yet, you've got to read A Man Called Ove. I listened to this one on audiobook as well.

The opening scene is one of this older gentleman who has recently lost his wife of many years ready to end his own life. But something happens, and he doesn't. A series of unintentional/intentional interventions and many humorous moments ensue. It's just unusual enough to be unique and interesting. There is a film version, but I didn't find it nearly as
good as the book. Again, I listened to the audio version of this one.

The one I'm hoping I have time to get to soon is Steve Martin's autobiography. Watching Jerry Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has made me even more curious about the lives and process of comedians. Steve Martin and Martin Short are touring the country right now. How awesome would it be to make it to their show? Here's a link to the paperback of Martin's Born Standing Up: A Comic's Life.

As a kid, I read almost more than I did anything else. As an adult, it's hard to find the time. Audible is one of the best subscriptions I have. It keeps me "reading," keeps me calm in traffic, and helps me feel like all that time on the road isn't wasted. Amazon now owns Audible and offers a 30-day trial that includes two free books. Then, after 30 days, it's just under $15 for a credit, which will generally buy you a book. I save my credits for the more expensive audiobooks and sometimes buy an extra $7 audiobook with cash when I roll through one quickly. You can sign up for the trial here.


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