Thursday, July 26, 2018

Capsule- Teacher Outfits for Rushed Mornings

I'm not exactly terrified to go back to work again with an infant in childcare, two grad classes, and a commute in Atlanta traffic, but let's just say I'm on the spectrum.

 How am I going to manage getting her picked up, fed, bathed, clothed, and loved while grading essays, getting workouts done, making lesson plans, and having dinner on the table for my husband--not to mention spending time with him?

Here's what I'm hoping will help:

Slow Cooker

I'm only cooking three nights per week, and two of those will be via the Crock Pot. We're eating leftovers every alternate day. I'm working on eating lighter and am doing a lot of quinoa bowls, but here are some of our classic favorites:

For the tacos, I plan on mixing a bunch of taco seasoning in advance and keeping it in a jar with my other spices. McCormick has a great chicken chili spice mix that I buy for weeks I think the sodium is worth it.

Barbacoa- Just grab tortillas and heat up a can of beans when you get home. Sometimes, I just dump all these ingredients in the crock, and it tastes just as good.

Chicken Chili- Throw everything in the crock in the morning. Add toppings and eat.
Pulled Pork- Have some rolls on hand.

Chicken Tacos- See Barbacoa

Meatloaf (yes, in the slow cooker!)- I throw some carrots and potatoes in the Crock, roast-style. Then, dinner is ready when we get home.

Roast- It's a classic for a reason! One pot. I save some bacon from weekend breakfast and leave out the mushrooms (picky hubs).

Getting Lesson Plans Done Now

I'm leaving room for collaboration, but the only way for me to keep a handle on the year is to have my lesson plans done for the semester (at least) before school starts. That way, every minute I have to plan at school will go to grading and working with data. That way, hopefully, I can leave the work mostly at work.

Emergency Wardrobe Capsule

As much as I'm working on ramping up my effort when it comes to style, there are going to be weeks when something gets cut. It's not going to be my baby or husband, so this is my emergency capsule wardrobe. 

If you're pear shaped, this NY & Co pants have just enough stretch. They're pretty durable, and they go with everything. I've had to hem them on occasion (I'm 5'5"), but I'd say the same about their jeans. A pair of each will get me through casual Friday and the daily.

I love the maxi skirts from an Amazon seller. The affiliate links are at the bottom of this post, so you can check out the latest price. They're comfortable, basic, and again--go with almost anything. I have this skirt in black and red. The red is almost a maroon, so for me, it works with my "spirit" wear as well.

The shirts are mostly from Shein, so they're not as durable, but they'll get me through the season at least, and they'll mix-and-match with my pants and skirts. Sometimes, I have to size up with them. 

If I'm having a week that puts me over the top, I'm going to "activate" the capsule and just forget planning my outfits because it's done! #relief

We'll see how it goes. I'm sure I'll keep you posted!

These is an affiliate link.

Maxi Skirt

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