Sunday, August 26, 2018

Blue Barnum--Adapting to Change

Earlier this week, "Barnum's Animals" crackers freed the animals from the cages on their packaging. The Ringling Bros. Circus and Barum & Bailey, the circus group inspiring the classic cracker branding, held their final show in May of 2017.

Hearing of companies that adapt in order to stay relevant is inspiring. Change is inevitable. It seems like those who face it-- and maybe even embrace it-- are the healthiest of us all.

I like these stories of companies who adapted.

Stories like this always make me think of education in the United States, too. How will methods and means adapt to stay relevant in the world? Are we adapting in the right direction? Should we be pivoting for a world that looks more like Ernest Cline's tech universe from Ready Player One?

For now, cheers to cute earrings. <3 p="">

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