Sunday, August 5, 2018

Eyelet & Espresso- Easy Teacher Looks

This skirt is such a versatile, pull on that is easy to dress up or dress down. It comes in five colors. Putting together this outfit made me think about espresso. In my tenure as a Starbucks barista, these are the first understandings and misunderstandings that come to mind when I think about coffee.

Don't put coffee in the refrigerator or freezer.

Light and moisture are what make coffee spoil, so a better place to store it is in a pantry. Open it and use it quickly.

Arabica beans are the best.

There are two types of beans: arabica and robusta. Arabica beans are prized more by enthusiasts. They are more delicate and are grown in mountainous areas like Yemen, Ethiopia, Brazil, and the island of Java. Robusta beans are ... more robust. These are grown in big orchards where farmers clearcut and generally farm the same crop year-after-year. Big coffee companies often save money by using more robusta and mixing in just enough arabica to call their coffee blend "arabica."

Espresso IS coffee. 

Espresso roast is a coffee bean that is generally roasted longer and hotter and then ground finer to receive the shot of hot water espresso machines shoot through it. Understanding this, coffee drinkers usually get more caffeine than espresso drinkers because they drink more of it at a time.

So, cheers to another school year ... and lots of coffee.


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