Wednesday, August 22, 2018

RESPECT-- Aretha-Inspired Teacher Outfit

I listened to Pop Culture Happy Hour's tribute to Aretha Franklin this morning on my drive across town. Give it a listen. 

It was interesting to hear their take on Aretha Franklin as an artist who was magical at putting her own spin on writers' songs. Consider her iconic "RESPECT." Have you ever even heard Otis Redding's version? The way she sings this tune gives the whole song an entirely different meaning.

Right now in my 9th English classes, we're working on VOICE in our writing. How is it that I can express myself such that I sound like MYSELF on the page? My only tools as a writer are syntax and diction. Ms. Franklin was a master at that--putting her own spin on whatever she touched, including her fashion.

I like Billboard's compilation of songs Ms. Franklin spun.

Cheers to artists who know themselves and have strong enough minds and skills to express that in a way that connects with listeners everywhere.

Cheers to sparkles, feathers, and flow. Thank you, Aretha. Rest easy.

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