Friday, July 3, 2020

Pretty Teacher Masks

If you're a teacher, one of the stress points of the summer has been waiting for the announcement of what school will look like when we go back, considering the impact of Covid-19. My district is giving students two options: come to school and participate in all the extracurriculars and other benefits of regular school or spend the year in virtual school--with none of the extracurriculars. Teachers will be required to wear masks, but students will not--though it's encouraged.

My plan is to buy a few five packs and hang them on hooks in the closet, one for each day of the week. When I finish with them, I can throw them in a mesh bag to wash Fridays.

I can sew them, but some businesses have such good deals, it's hard to resist letting the fashion pros do what they do! I may buy some spares to have for students who forget theirs or want one, but don't have one for whatever reason.

Here are a few pretty ones I've found. Go crazy, my dears, and wear those masks!

Boho Teacher Masks

Johnny Was is a classic, high-end boho brand, but I was so excited that they have a 5-pack of masks for $25! They also make a silk-charmeuse mask pack for $40. For every pack sold, they're donating a pack to essential workers.

Unique Teacher Masks

Eshakti makes beautiful clothing you can order tailored for your measurements. They've pivoted a bit during the pandemic and are making tons of well-crafted masks. What I like about these masks is that they're offering types of masks I haven't seen everywhere, including a mask/headband combo and full silk scarf masks. If you're someone looking for a very specific fabric or style, this could be where you find it! Prices range from about $5 to $35.


Basic Covid Masks for Teachers

Old Navy never fails to offer great deals on basics. They  have packs of five for $12.50 in a range of sizes. So, if you're looking for a one-stop shop to buy masks for the whole family, or if you teach elementary school, and you want to buy some affordable masks you can have on hand for students, this might be a good spot. Is a Sharpie the best way to get everyone's names on these?

Masks with Embroidered Names

Etsy is ahead of the game with several shops selling masks with custom embroidery.

All the Gap brands have masks. What's cool about these from Athleta is that they're adjustable on the ears, and they have a wire along the top to create a snugger fit around the nose. They often fit kids, women, and men, so this might be a way for everyone in the family to share from a clean mask basket if that's how you're organizing.


Good luck everyone as you get your mask plan in order!


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