Thursday, July 27, 2017

Angelou Seas

Hey Everyone,

How do you keep positive on those crazy days? I like Maya Angelou's self-talk here. She faces the day in a positive way, but she leaves herself room to get off course, knowing if she does, she'll be back in line by tomorrow.

The message in this bit reminds me of her message in arguably one of her most famous poems "Still I Rise." You can find a copy of "Still I Rise" here.

Instead of cowering in defeat, the speaker responds to challenges with laughing and dancing, focusing on a future free from shame, the gifts of her ancestors, and the beauty of daybreak.

This powerful poem with fill the room if you read it aloud. So, cheers to uprooting from a past that might include some shame and doubt and embracing the truth: you're beautiful, gifted, and rooted in joy.

Take care,

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