Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Teva Love

Hey Everyone!

This is not an ad, though there are affiliate links in my shopstyle image below.

When I packed for Peace Corps over a decade ago, it was a different world: pre-iPhone, pre-text message. My email account was a fresh Yahoo, and our group did its communication via a Yahoo group.

I had no idea what I would need.

I ordered a fresh pair of original Tevas. Little did I know that I would wear those basic babies EVERY day for 15-months. After 15 months of harsh daily wear including walking through puddles and mud, biking, walking miles, my Tevas were smell free, fully functional, and as pretty as they were when I bought them new.

A month or so ago when my husband and I were packing for our San Francisco honeymoon, I decided to commemorate our trip with a fresh pair of Tevas. Even though the company makes a ton of different styles (many prettier than the black basics I had), I stuck to my originals, so I could break them in on the hills and shores of San Francisco.

I wore them climbing miles and miles of hills. I wore them on boats. My feet didn't hurt, I had plenty of traction, and I felt ready for anything!

So, bring on the Teva tan lines. My next pair will be one of the strappy and bright designs.

Straps. Utility. Love.


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