Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Wonder Woman Casual Friday

Hey Everyone,

Teachers, for the most part, are a generous and empathetic subset of the culture, huh? We're drawn to teaching because we remember a few great teachers of our own, we want to make a difference, and we really want to help kids.

We all bristle when business folks think teaching might be something light and fun to do after retirement. Most of us wonder if the response to "I teach" might ever be something other than "Oh, so you get summers off." We all see the changing landscape of education, educational policy and wonder -- is there light in there?

But there is.

Because you're in it. And every bit of love, creativity, kindness, and support you give your colleagues, your parents, your administration, and especially, those children or youth who pass through your doorway is a point on the side of the good.

So, fight for change where you need to.

Advocate for good where it's bad.

And keep showing up with style.  

Is anyone else tired of spirit wear t-shirts on Friday? This is the kind of outfit that activates my real spirit. 

Take care,


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