Friday, August 3, 2018

Flock of Coral- Reflection on the Weekend Before School

*Sigh* The weekend before school starts. What are you guys focused on?

Today, we had our open house, and I got to see some returning students and some new faces. Do you remember what it felt like to walk through your high school for the first time as a high school student?

To me, it felt like a fresh start. I wasn't sure at first whether that would be in a good way or a bad way. Maybe my friends would remix. Maybe I'd get to reinvent myself. Maybe I'd get involved in school.

I loved my high school for three whole weeks before we moved, and I started that feeling all over again in a new school in a different state.

I'm excited to set a positive tone and get to know these kids. I'm trying out Laura Randazzo's sticky note activity for a new first day of school activity.

I also really love a classic "Million Words" letter I used for years, but maybe I'll get to it after I solidly know everyone's names and have some initial impressions. I'm not sure where this activity originated, but I have a version for students, and then I invite parents to join in. Feel free to make a copy of this simple letter to parents if you want to try it. 

I write every student and every parent back, though it usually takes about two weeks.

We'll see if I like the Randazzo activity as much!

This outfit was inspired by some exploring into Caslon clothing. It seems like they do basics really well, so I saw this dress on sale and wanted to design an outfit for it.

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