Thursday, August 2, 2018

Teacher Skirt - Favorite Amazon Skirt

This is my favorite Amazon skirt! Sometimes, with the range of international sellers and style copycats, it's hard to trust buying clothes on Amazon, but you don't need blind trust because I'm telling you: this skirt is awesome!

It has the quality of a vintage, 50's circle skirt. There's a lining, and the fabric itself is pretty thick. Because of this and the shape of the skirt, it's beautiful on a range of body types. It comes in TONS of colors!

The pockets are what make this skirt a standout. I love them.

Depending on where you want to wear this skirt--whether you want to wear it high-waisted or at your natural waistline, this skirt could run small or large for you. In my opinion, it's worth sizing up and having it altered, but I ordered my regular size and wear it a little higher than my natural waist. It's totally feminine, fun to wear, and pretty versatile.

Check out all the color options.

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